Love is Forever... soft cover

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Imagine sitting and talking with a 100-year-old sage about life and relationships and learning from her mistakes and gaining from her triumphs? Imagine leaving her enriched and motivated to make your relationship work? Then Love is Forever... written by Dr. N. Erna Mae Francis Cotton, is an ideal book for you, as 100-year-old Mrs. Carmen Hodge Carrington shares her engaging and touching story of love and romance with her late husband, Ralph Carrington. A must read!!

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"In this compelling, absorbing, and easy to read book, Mrs. Carrington, a 100 year old Saint Martiner gives a vivid account of the struggles and sacrifices one might have to endure to attain a fulfilling and lasting marriage. I exhort young and old to grab a copy of this precious book filled with inspirational nuggets.” - Oswald Francis, Educator, forthcoming author of In Emilio Wilson Park with Uncle Joe.