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I am an Interpersonal and professional development coach, youth specialist, motivational speaker, international radio show host of Love and Inspiration, with a following of over 1.7 million people. I am fully dedicated to accomplishing my life’s purpose to transform the lives of millions of people.

During my sessions you’ll discover or rediscover:

• What your values are in life.

• Understand how your values influence your behaviour, attitude and choices you make in life.

• Recognize your value in life and how your life truly matters.

• Discover how to live a purposeful life

• Discover and/or solidify your life’s purpose to make a greater impact in the world.

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We have had a phenomenal Leadership Summit 2019.  The participants were all tremendously impacted by the quality and quantity of information they received.Here is a testimony by one of the enthralled participants Frank Wilmans:

“My name is Frank Wilmans and I attended the VLF leadership summit  2019 on the 2nd day thanks to a friend, partner and owner of the Hemsway Real Estate company. We attended this event to gain knowledge and experiences to help us grow the company even more. This was my first time to this Summit and it was really engaging. I learned more than I expected and I’m grateful that Mr. and Mrs. Cotton organized such a respectful event.

"Apostle Hilton Albert reminded me of the importance of prayer which is good for a healthy spirit. I thank the Lord Almighty every day for the blessings I receive from him and it goes without saying that without his guidance we wouldn’t reach this far.

"Dr. Tasheena Maccow Thomas was insightful; I truly respect her and her knowledge in healthy food and herbs that help the human mind body and spirit.  Thanks to her I have changed certain habits I had prior to her seminar regarding food and drinks. I never thought that health could make such an impact in our daily lives as entrepreneurs. It also goes to show that there are locals here with businesses that are making a difference in our society.

"Dr. Erna Mae Francis Cotton and her husband Mr. Roy Cotton Jr. shared a documentary with us that I can easily relate to. “The root causes of dis-ease” is something everybody should know about since our mind and emotions can change how our bodies react. Stress can destroy your body and bring in negative influences around; but positivity can heal it and bring in blessings as well.  I’m a believer of that, and I practice this every day.

"I had known about the health expert the Honourable, Priest Kailash for a while now, and I was happy to see him at the Summit. He is a very intelligent man and people like him inspire me ‘cuz they are local people with great minds who have the strength to make positive changes in our lives for the better.

"Finally, Ms Ashley Cheeks, MBA who did her best to make it to Sint Maarten, was a blessing. People like her are what the youth of Sint Maarten need if they want to start their own business. I was surprised how many people had business ideas at the Summit, which proves that help is needed in that area. It takes patience, hard work and a strong mentality to start your own business and this knowledge is not something you can find in school. I was happy myself that I had a chance to speak to her and I am very thankful for that.

"To the organizers of the VLF leadership summit, “Keep up the Good Work.” This experience was worth it.”

-Real estate Agent – Digital Advertiser,  Frank Wilmans

Not only were the participants enthralled with the Summit, but so too were the facilitators.Here is a sound byte from Mrs. Ashley Cheeks about her experience at VLF's Leadership Summit 2019:

VLF's Leadership Summit 2018: "Profoundly Inspiring"

Highlights of VLF's Leadership Summit 2018


VLF Leadership Summit Attendees Day 1- What a phenomenal day!!!

Yvette Hart, enthusiastic VLF Leadership Summit Participant who received breakthroughs at the Summit

Participants receiving certificates

Dr. Rolinda Carter, past Y2Xer & new Dean of USM sharing how Y2X impacted her life.



Ken Crossely receiving certificate

Where Are The Leaders I Was Asked, 
I Said, "Just Look, They're Everywhere", 
The Searchers Told Me Solemnly, 
To Meet The Criteria None Compare ! 
We've Searched The Highest Halls Of Learning, 
Scoured Each Country, State And Nation, 
Have Met With Barons Of Industry, 
And Those Who Sit In The Loftiest Of Stations !! 
So I Questioned Of These Seekers, 
What Qualities Should One Possess, 
What Manifests Within A Person, 
That Shows They Pass The Leader Test ?! 
They Must Use Their Influence For Others Sake, 
Is The First Answer That They Gave, 
To Make Decisions Not For Self But Tribe, 
Is The Most Perfect Quality To Save ! 
If They Can Simplify The Complex Chaos, 
To Bring Clarity To The Same, 
That Makes A Leader Men Will Follow, 
Not A Leader Just By Name !! 
A Leader Must Be Creative, 
And Must Make His Team Creative Too, 
Then No Task Will Be Insurmountable, 
There Won't Be A Single Thing They Cannot DO !! 
To Be Brave, Bold And Full Of Courage, 
When Facing Trials Great Or Small, 
This Will Make Your Team Stand Firm Behind You, 
With Combined Strength So You Won't Fall !! 
One Possessed Of Inner Vision, 
And Can Keep It In Their Sight, 
This Is Someone Who Will Move Mountains, 
A Leader Of Strength And Might !! 
If They Can Foster The Right Environment, 
Create A Culture To Succeed, 
Then We Don't Have To Seek Much Further, 
This One Was Born To Lead !! 
You Know They Are A Leader, 
When They Consistently Show Great Insight, 
Their Decisions Are Best For The Team, 
Even When The Majority Don't Think They're Right !! 
Where Are The Leaders You May Ask, 
Are They Just The Ones With Riches And With Fame, 
Well, If You Really Need To Find A Leader, 
Look In The Mirror And Call Your Name !!!! 
Composed By : KEN CROSSÉLY 

Leadercast 2017 Highlights

Audience engaged at Leadercast 2017


Learn how to communicate more effectively; improve your relationships and more, using the DISC.

Call VLF to learn how you may use the DISC to transform your business or relationship.

Join the Y2X Crew every Saturday from 6-7 p.m. on Tunes Carib


Visionary of VLF N. E. Francis Cotton and Coordinator of Y2X' Media Ministries, Roy Cotton Jr. with Members of the Y2X Crew after their interview with local music producer Steve Chemont of DY Entertainment, with his artist Tha Hot$hot after a Fresh episode on



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